Take Action

Congress recently passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. Now, we need Congress to take bold action and pass the Build Back Better Act, a $1.75 trillion investment in child care, home care, clean energy jobs, health care, tax fairness, immigration improvements and support for worker organizing. Working people in America have waited long enough. Add your name to show you support this historic investment in working people.

American democracy is under threat today. To save it, we need real democracy in the U.S. Senate. That means passing the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021 and the Freedom to Vote Act. Sign your name and then call Senator Portman and tell him to sideline the filibuster, not the hopes, aspirations and representation of America’s people.

Tell the Menlo Park Academy Board of Directors: Stop Using Taxpayer Funds for Union-Busting

If you are an Ohio resident, write an email to the members of MPA’s Board and tell them to stop union busting with public funds and either recognize the union or stop delaying and interfering with the secret ballot election.

After two years of bargaining, The New York Times Company has continued to delay negotiations with the Wirecutter Union through unfair labor practices and wage offers that significantly underpay staff. They know that their readers rely on their work during this time to guide their holiday shopping. They are asking for subscribers and supporters to sign the pledge:

Workers at Hello Fresh are organizing a union to make their jobs safer and more sustainable at the largest meal kit company in the United States. While Hello Fresh profited from the pandemic, employees faced disrespect, a COVID-19 outbreak, and preventable injuries. Workers are calling on the company to make sure sustainable jobs are part of the package and that the company pledge to not harass or intimidate workers organizing a union. Your voice matters. Join them.

All auto companies are moving toward lower emissions, and the market share of electric vehicles will grow. To make the shift to EVs work for our communities, we need policies that promote U.S. manufacturing and good union jobs. Right now, there is a provision in the Build Back Better Act that does just that by giving consumers an additional tax credit if they purchase a union-made electric vehicle made in the U.S. That’s right – union-made.